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  1. Deep Simplicity - Rule 8

    Okay, back to the rules! Rule #8 is: Use First-Class Collections. Unlike the previous rule, I really like this one. Basically the rule states that any class that contains a collection should have no other instance variables. This is similar to other Deep Simplicity rules in that it makes it ...

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  2. Deep Simplicity - Rule 7

    In this entry I am going to talk about rule #7: Don't Use Any Classes with More Than Two Instance Variables. This for me is one of the hardest rules to try to follow. The author of Deep Simplicity states that he is about to release a one hundred ...

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  3. Deep Simplicity - Rule 6

    The next rule in Deep Simplicity is Keep All Entities Small. This is one of the rules that I think should be more of a guideline. Jeff Bay thinks that a class should be no more than fifty lines. I think adding the corollary that it's fifty lines without ...

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  4. Deep Simplicity - Rule 5

    The next rule we will be looking at in Deep Simplicity is Do not abbreviate. As developers, it is often said - tongue in cheek - that being lazy is a virtue. I think that the laziness of developers is a key source of preventable errors. Copying and and pasting code being ...

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  5. Deep Simplicity - Rule 4

    The next rule in Deep Simplicity is based on the Law of Demeter ("talk only to your friends") but is phrased more colloquially as Use only one -> per line. In PHP it should actually be "Don't use more than two -> per line" since we have to use $this-> in ...

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  6. Deep Simplicity - Rule 3

    The next rule is one that I think is vitally important to the PHP community: Wrap all Primitives and Strings. I think there are two reasons that PHP developers struggle to grasp the concepts of Domain Modeling. Both are related to the PHP language itself. The first is that I ...

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  7. Deep Simplicity - Rule 2

    Okay, here's a breakdown of the next rule: Don't use the else keyword.

    Although there is nothing wrong with the else keyword itself, there are two forms of abuse that drastically reduce your code readability. The first is too much code in each of the branches which makes ...

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  8. Deep Simplicity

    So, I am a huge fan of ThoughtWorks. I really think that the crew over there are on the edge of everything I strive to be as a good developer. Many of the software development best practices are pioneered by people like Martin Fowler that work there. I recently picked ...

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